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- Ram Chiang and Rita Carpio Partner Up to Make Money
- Linda Chung Challenging Getting Married Within Ten Years
- "Madam Cutie on Duty" will air after "Lady Sour" on December 29th @ 8:30pm.
- TVB 47th Anniversary Gala
- "Noblesse Oblige" will air after "Overachievers" on December 16th @ 9:30pm.
- "Lady Sour" Promotional Clip 2
- The fifth episode of "Tiger Cubs II" averaged 20 points, and peaked at 21 points.
- The second week of "Overachievers" averaged 23 points, and peaked at 24 points.
- The fourth week of "Come On, Cousin" averaged 26 points, and peaked at 28 points.
- Kelly Chen and Louis Koo Become a Married Couple in Mini Movie

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List updated on Friday, November 21, 2014.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 Results

My Favourite TVB Drama Series
"Line Walker"

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role
Roger Kwok ("Black Heart White Soul")

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role
Charmaine Sheh ("Line Walker")

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
Benz Hui ("Line Walker")

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role
Sharon Chan ("Line Walker")

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actor
Sammy Sum ("Bounty Lady", "Line Walker", "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet")

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actress
Samantha Ko ("Outbound Love", "Line Walker", "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet")

My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple
Ruco Chan & Aimee Chan ("Outbound Love")

My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
越難越愛 ("Line Walker") - Jinny Ng

My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters
Bosco Wong ("The Ultimate Addiction")
Nancy Wu ("The Ultimate Addiction")
Kate Tsui ("Tomorrow Is Another Day")
Roger Kwok ("Black Heart White Soul")
Charmaine Sheh ("Line Walker")
Sharon Chan ("Line Walker")
Benz Hui ("Line Walker")
Him Law ("Tiger Cubs II")
Ruco Chan ("Outbound Love")
Tavia Yeung ("Storm in a Cocoon")
Raymond Lam ("Line Walker")
Michael Miu ("Line Walker")
Linda Chung ("All That Is Bitter Is Sweet")
Kenneth Ma ("Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain")
Selena Li ("Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain")

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme
"Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk"

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme
"Wellness on the Go 2"

My Favourite TVB Host in a Variety Programme
Nancy Sit & Wong Cho Lam ("Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk")

TVB Most Rising Star in Malaysia
Fred Cheng

TVB Star Achievement Award
Helena Law & Lau Kong

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ram Chiang and Rita Carpio Partner Up to Make Money


Ming Pao Clip

Ram Chiang and Rita Carpio attended a Christmas event, which was a small concert, attracting over a hundred passersby. Ram and Rita sang 《相逢何必曾相識》 at a mall for the first time; the passersby there sang along.

Ram frankly said that, singing this song again, the feeling is very profound, and it also made Rita recall many things in the past. When asked whether they would hold a concert, they both said that they were slightly afraid to. Rita laughingly said that she held a small concert before; back then, she felt very nervous. If she were to collaborate with Ram, it would be held at the Coliseum, and the pressure would be even greater. Ram said that holding a show in Hong Kong is a lot of pressure, laughingly saying that he would consider again after completing stage performances in the US and Canada, and also said that he has been frequently practicing singing recently. When asked whether there were any singers who have requested songs from him, he said, "I will take the initiative to write for the singers whom I would like to give songs to. In my heart, there are a few candidates, but it hasn't come to fruition, so will not say, or else it would be very awkward".

Ram revealed that there are many money-making shows inviting the two of them to attend, but had to reject a lot because he has to go to Mainland at the end of the month to film a series. Everything cannot be about making money...must have principles.

*Credits to mingpao and stheadline

Friday, November 21, 2014

Linda Chung Challenging Getting Married Within Ten Years


"Scoop" Clip

Last night, artistes Linda Chung, Jess Sum, Natalie Tong, etc. attended a 'Long Service and Outstanding Staff Awards Presentation' held by TVB. Louis Koo, Chin Ka Lok, Carlo Ng, and Lau Dan received a 20-year service award. Linda, Jess, Natalie, and TVB Chairman Norman Leung received a long service award. TVB executives Sandy Yu and Virginia Lok were also in attendance.

Originally Planned to Stay in Hong Kong for Two Years

Linda, who has been working for TVB for ten years, felt happy to receive an award, frankly saying that, in these ten years, she had previously laughed, cried, fallen, risen, and suffered. At the time, after taking part in the pageant, she originally only planned to stay in Hong Kong for two years...did not think about being in TVB for ten years in a flash, even laughingly saying that, if she had returned to Canada then, she should have become a teacher. Linda expressed that, in the next ten years, she hopes to not only perform even more different roles, but also get married within ten years. She said, "Will also get married. In ten years, I am also 40 years old!" Regarding whether seeing Wong Cho Lam propose to girlfriend Leanne Li at the anniversary gala made her feel the need to speed up in getting married, she said no with a chuckle. She thinks that no one can compare to Cho Lam's proposal, laughingly saying that she would get frightened to death if she were to encounter it.

*Credits to orientaldaily and Siu Oi

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TVB 47th Anniversary Gala

層出不窮 創新經典

Full Show



Game 1


Natalis Chan, Oscar Leung, Jack Hui, Quinn Ho, Ho Chun Hin, Sammy Sum, Stefan Wong, Eddie Pang, Kitterick Yiu, Louis Szeto, Chan Chun Kin, Charmaine Sheh, Sharon Chan & Chung King Fai


Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Power Chan & Raymond Cho

Wong Cho Lam Proposes to Leanne Li


生命之花 - Louis Cheung & Ivana Wong
共享陽光 - Roger Kwok, Chung King Fai & Wong Cho Lam
激情 - Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, Bob Lam, May Chan, Leanne Li, Corinna Chamberlain, Kaki Leung, Momo Wu & Deborah Poon
相逢何必曾相識 - Ram Chiang & Rita Carpio


無朋友 - Hacken Lee
左鄰右里 - Hacken Lee, Sammy Leung, Fred Cheng, Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng, Hubert Wu, Ronald Law & Hoffman Cheng
一生不變 - Hacken Lee, Fred Cheng & Alfred Hui
大會堂演奏廳 - Hacken Lee, Jinny Ng, Hubert Wu, Ronald Law & Hoffman Cheng
愛一個人- Hacken Lee & Kristal Tin
紅日- Hacken Lee, Fred Cheng, Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng, Hubert Wu, Kristal Tin, Sammy Leung, Ronald Law & Hoffman Cheng

J2 Clip (111814)

"Scoop" Clip (111814)

J2 Clip (112014)

"Scoop" Clip (112014)

TVB8 Clip (112014)


Anniversary Lucky Winners
Lai Lok Yi: $1,000,000 in cash and prizes
Benjamin Yuen: $200,000 in cash and prizes
Yiu Wang Yuen: $200,000 in cash and prizes
Chung King Fai: $48,000
Joel Chan: $48,000
Toby Chan: $48,000
David Lo: $48,000

FYI: The gala averaged 25 points, and peaked at 28 points (when Lai Lok Yi won the $1,000,000 prize).

Personal Note: Congratulations to Cho Lam and Leanne!

Also loved seeing the standing ovation for Ram and Rita!

*Credits to 小淚_張家義氣仔, hellochinpang, and gztv

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Lady Sour" Promotional Clip 2


*Credits to 小淚_張家義氣仔

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kelly Chen and Louis Koo Become a Married Couple in Mini Movie


J2 Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Youku Clip

Youku Clip

Letv Clip



Louis Koo and Kelly Chen have reunited in an acting project after three years, filming a mini movie for the Regal Airport Hotel.

The storyline is about the two acting as a married couple, so there would be kissing and hugging, but Kelly expressed having not filmed it yet. A scene was just filmed where [they] almost had to kiss but were interrupted by a phone call. After hearing this, Louis immediately said, "Should [we] tell the director to arrange for the call to ring a bit later?"

Kelly was discovered with marks on her right arm. She frankly said that it was shingles. At this time, Louis, who was sitting beside her, immediately moved away. Kelly told Louis not to worry, saying that bandage spray was already applied and that she would be recovering soon. She also revealed that there was also no need to be quarantined from her two sons at home because her eldest son got a vaccination; although her youngest son has not gotten [a vaccination], there should be no problem. At the onset of the illness, it hurt like getting an electric shock. Louis immediately said, "I did not move away. Was surprised [because] Kelly has shingles but is this pretty".

Before long, Louis teased Kelly again, saying that he and Kelly portrayed a couple the last time, and are being a married couple this time...should open a restaurant the next time because Kelly likes to sell dim sum, such as the shrimp dumpling and the xiaolongbao--one cup of tea and two pieces of dim sum. Kelly fired back, laughingly asking Louis, "Had a son when collaborating with you the last time, and have shingles this time...when is it your turn?" Louis immediately changed the topic: "Have shingles? Would not! I have medicines because I frequently fly everywhere; the doctor has given me all types of medicines beforehand".

Upon hearing Kelly reveal that her entire family should be travelling during Christmas, Louis said that he only has three days of holidays every year--the first and second days of the new year and on the day of the winter solstice.

*Credits to Siu Oi, the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, youku, letv, gztv, stheadline, and Weibo

Benz Hui & Oscar Leung @ "Working Golden Holidays"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Benz was only on this working holiday to enjoy! Funny how he was shopping rather than working!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Asian Television Awards 2014 Nominations


Asian Television Awards 2014 Nominations

- Best Reality Show: "Xtreme Marathon"
- Best Actress in a Leading Role: Kristal Tin ("Brother's Keeper")
- Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Benz Hui ("Bounty Lady")
- Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Elena Kong ("Triumph in the Skies II")
- Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress: Selena Li ("Spouse for House")

Personal Note: Congratulations to the nominees! :)